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Elaine Bernard
In the early years of the company, the primary focus was on developing superlative quality products for the professional pest control industry. In 2006, Elaine Bernard became the President and CEO of Effective Pest Control, Inc., the parent company of IPCP. Under Mrs. Bernard's expert guidance, IPCP expanded the number of products being offered, and the amount of markets successfully being served.
Alan Bernard
IPCP was founded in 1999 by Alan Bernard, an entomologist with 30+ years of experience in Urban Pest Management. After retiring from professional pest management, Mr. Bernard decided to share what he had learned about controlling the nation’s most important insect pests with the public by providing a Web site where the information and tools necessary for ecologically sound insect control could be found.

We now have products being used in the Professional, Consumer and Agricultural markets. Each of these products is designed to use insect pests' natural behaviors to provide control of the pests with minimal impact on non-target animals, including people and pets, and the environment.

Our main office is located in Gainesville, Florida. We also maintain manufacturing and warehousing facilities at other locations in the southern United States. We are currently exporting products to distributors in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


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